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Tue Jun 22 17:38:17 PDT 2004

The Current Release 

	The last release of the OS Toolkit is currently unavailable pending
	the preparation of a much enhanced, somewhat incompatible version due
	in June (Oh oh, we're into July already!). Contact Jay Lepreau if you
	have an urgent need for the previous release (but don't hold your

I am interested in evaulating OSKit for a commercial project and
wanted to find out a ball-park for licensing fees; I had mailed and
called a number of times and got no response.  Not very encouraging.

Last week on the OSKit-user list the project coordinator Jay Lepreau
stated that they would try to put up a current snaphot after the
SOPS16 conference.

OSKit looks like a very kool piece of work, but the caveat from the
authors themselves seems to be a good idea.

As for the non-commcercial use clause, it would be interesting to see
what the real story actually is.  The OSKit docs clearly state that
their work is derived from other GPLd sources including
Linux... (note: not an opinion... just an observation...)


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