No subject

Tue Jun 22 17:11:04 PDT 2004

debug(("movl ebp,esp\n"));
debug(("subl #?,esp\n"));  /* Reserve size for exceptionFrame ?? */
debug(("subl #3*SLOTSIZE,esp\n"));

What exactly is going on?? :-)

Essentially, as far as I have understood the code, there seems
to be no basic difference with the exception mechanism with
regards to the JIT or intrp. Both do jumps, the intrp, of course
uses longjmp which is ineffecient, and the JIT does an ASM jmp
to the handler.

In fact, I would *greatly* appreciate it if anyone could
explain to me the exception frame mechnism for the JIT.

I already have the code in a way which JITs or interprets
with a command line flag.


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