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Tue Jun 22 17:38:17 PDT 2004

support if it can find the ungif library on your system when you
configure kaffe before compiling it.  THe ungif library didn't come with
my redhat didtribution and probably isn't on others due to the licensing
issues so you will need to get it, install it and reconfigure &
recompile kaffe to get gif support.


François-Denis Gonthier wrote:
> Hi everybody...
>     I've got some problem with the last snap shot of Kaffe
> (Kaffe-snap.tar.gz).  When I try to run ICQ Java in Linux (I was very happoy
> at the idea of running it), I get this error message:
>     /usr/local/bin/Kaffe: can't resolve symbol "DGifOpenFileHandle"
>     I have the same problem with some demos in the JDK suite and I've had
> this problem with Kaffe 1.0 b3 also, but not with earlier versions.  This
> sounds like another lib problem... And I'm quite sure I'm using the right
> version of the Kaffe libs, even if it was moved again on beta 3.
>     Anyone have and idea ?
> François-Denis Gonthier

Maksim Lin
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