[kaffe] FW: Bug - japitools - Dropped protected method not detected

Peter Connolly Peter.Connolly at cnet.com
Tue Jun 1 15:48:01 PDT 2004

When I delete a protected method from a new version of a jar and compare
the old vs. the new using japitools, the report does not flag the fact
that the method is missing.

According to the list of illegal changes between jar files:


- ILLEGAL: deleting public/protected methods

...so this should have been reported, right???

When first finding this problem, we noticed that a protected finalize()
method had been dropped from one of our classes.  At first we thought
that JApi was REALLY smart in that the JVM only calls finalize() if one
exists for a servlet.  But, being the suspicious people that we are, we
intentionally removed another protected method from the same class and
did the comparison again.  The second method didn't show up in the
report either.

The reason we're so suspicious is that we NEED tools like JApiTools to
help us recognize when developers here are committing incompatible
changes.  We're not as interested in comparing different versions of JDK
as we are in comparing changes within our own .jar files.


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