[kaffe] problen with rebuildLib

Fabien Renaud renaud at nentec.de
Mon Jun 7 04:24:03 PDT 2004


I want to install the cvs version on my x86 and I have some problems.
rebuildLib does nothing !! (he is sleeping)
If I change kaffe-bin for sun´s javac, I can build  @essential.files, 
@pure_java_math.files but I have errors for @profiles/default/core.file

java/util/Stack.java:154: cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : method equals (java.lang.Object,java.lang.Object)
location: class java.util.Stack
      if (equals(o, elementData[i]))

I have a lot of errors like this (70).

Is it normal kaffe-bin does nothing at the beginning. I mean, what can I 
do to use kaffe-bin ?



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