[kaffe] Default stack size

Kero van Gelder kero at c86235.upc-c.chello.nl
Wed Jun 9 03:50:02 PDT 2004

> >I have just committed some new code for stack size handling. Now, on 
> >platforms which support, kaffe uses setrlimit to update its maximum 
> >stack size according to -ss. The problem is that by default we have a 
> >stack of 32k on ix86 which is quite short for many applications. Maybe 
> >we should increase the default stack size for the main thread...
> Thanks!
> I wouldn't mind increasing the stack size. Kero and Fabien reported 
> problems on arm linux till they increased the stack size to 48k, for 
> example. The default stack size on the JDK is at least 512k in 1.3 :)

Make that 64 kB for my application on ipaq.

wanna keep developing software?

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