[kaffe] Who works on japitools?

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.com
Wed Jun 9 07:04:02 PDT 2004

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> the author of Japitools is Stuart Ballard, but I believe that Michael 
> Koch now maintains it. You could try posting to the GNU Classpath 
> mailing list, Michael is on that list.

I'm still here, just very behind on the list (after a few days in which 
I couldn't read the list because I was too busy on project work, I found 
I had over 200 unread and haven't yet found time to skim through the 

I responded to your mail on the Classpath list (I hope you got it).

I'm still the "maintainer" of japitools but I don't have any time to 
work on it usually. I'm open to transferring the maintainership to 
Michael or anyone else who has the time to work on it, or even someone 
who doesn't have much time but will be more diligent than me at keeping 
up with bugreports - for the most part it doesn't *need* much work 
(although, like any piece of software, there's a potentially infinite 
list of things that *could* be done, like making it Generics-aware).

I'll echo dalibor in saying "sorry for the inconvenience" :(

Thanks for the report, though.


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