[kaffe] hp-ux + jikes still zip problems ?

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Jun 11 10:09:02 PDT 2004

Riccardo wrote:
> Hey,
> after installing a both .so and .a version of zlib, installing jikes and 
> symlinking Xshm files, I finally can compile kaffe on hp-ux (grid) again. 
> But it dies with a similar error as some days ago, but no message about 
> zlib not working... (the installed zlib passes internal self-tests).
> rm -f rt.jar
> BOOTCLASSPATH=lib:../../../kaffe/libraries/javalib/Klasses.jar.bootstrap 
> KAFFELIBRARYPATH=../../libraries/clib/native/:../../libraries/clib/io/:../../
> libraries/clib/zip/:../../libraries/clib/nio/ ../../kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-
> bin kaffe.tools.jar.Jar -cvf rt.jar -C lib gnu java javax kaffe org

Hi Riccardo,

thanks for the bug report. This means that configure didn't realize that 
you installed zip, actually. You need to reconfigure without the 
configure cache.

dalibor topic

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