[kaffe] BUG?: static flags produce lib dependant binaries

D greene dgreene21 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 14 09:14:03 PDT 2004

This is related to my previous post on cross compiling for the mips
(the embedded device in question is a Linksys WRT54G Access Point)

I can't seem to create a binary that is not dependant on libraries. Using 
the following configure flags still apparently causes it to search for the 

--disable-shared --enable-static --with-staticlib --with-staticbin 

As previously mentioned, I can get it to execute without params to give me 
the command line help but passing a simple hello world Java class causes it 
to crash giving the error that it can't find libnative.

I've not been able to get dynamicly linked binaries to run on the device so 
I'm stuck with a static only solution.

thanks for any pointers,
D. Greene

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