[kaffe] kaffe & AWT

Fabien Renaud renaud at nentec.de
Tue Jun 15 03:28:02 PDT 2004

Hi !

I tried to do ´nm libkaffeawt.so | grep evtGet´ but I dont´t have 
libkaffeawt !!
If you meaned libawt it´s ok, otherwise I know where my problem comes 
from ^^
The result with libawt is :
0000f6a8 T Java_java_awt_Toolkit_evtGetNextEvent

During the HEAD make I really have a lot of warnings (I think something 
like one thousand) like ´will never be executed´ or problem due to 

But that not the problem because I compiled HEAD :)
Of  course I have now another problem ;)

When I want to run any awt program :

/home/java/kaffe_cvs/jre/lib/arm/libawt-1.1.x-cvs.so: undefined symbol: 
Adding its directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH may help.
 at java.awt.Window.<init> (Window.java:35)
 at java.awt.Window.<clinit> (Window.java:27)

This time I used --disable-nls.

I´ll try with 1.1.4 , maybe I´ll be more lucky.



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