[kaffe] Re: OpenBSD 68K errors

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Thu Jun 17 04:51:03 PDT 2004

> Hi Riccardo !
>> some headers/declaration are probably messed up now on OpenBSD/68k...
> Could you try the following patch ? We have already fixed something 
> like  this for OpenBSD/sparc. So it may work...

Yes it definitively helped.

Now we are "at the starting point". Even the interpreter is broken
(I removed all our patched files with printouts and mare a checkout to 
current CVS)

Compiling classes from  @essential.files  using  /home/multix/kaffe-cvs/
obsd-intrp/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-bin -verbosegc -ss 500k -mx 256M at.dms.kjc.
Internal error: caught an unexpected exception.
Please check your CLASSPATH and your installation.
	at java.lang.System.initProperties(System.java:native)
	at java.lang.System.<clinit>(System.java:43)
	at java.lang.ClassLoader.<init>(ClassLoader.java:115)
	at java.lang.ClassLoader.<init>(ClassLoader.java:111)
	at java.security.SecureClassLoader.<init>(SecureClassLoader.java:60)
	at java.net.URLClassLoader.<init>(URLClassLoader.java:544)
	at kaffe.lang.AppClassLoader.<init>(AppClassLoader.java:237)
	at kaffe.lang.AppClassLoader.<clinit>(AppClassLoader.java:35)
gmake[1]: *** [lib/stamp] Error 134


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