[kaffe] Kaffe-1.1.4 ./configure WARNING and ERROR report

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Jun 21 11:44:02 PDT 2004

Konnichiwa Takashi,

Takashi Kihara wrote:
> Dalibor Topic wrote:
>>hi Takashi,
>>Thanks for the bug report. Could you post the relevant sections of your 
>>dalibor topic
> I sent last email, it was attatched config.log.
> I am not sure whitch part is important, I am sending all of this. 
> but it is some huge file ? around 600 kbyte then compressed by gzip.

thank you very much for your help. I've checked in a patch that fixes 
the warnings into CVS head. Keep up the good work!

dalibor topic

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