[kaffe] Need help for porting RXTX on ARM

asutosh gopinath asutosh.gopinath at lycos.com
Mon Jun 21 22:01:57 PDT 2004

Today I successfully run CommCheck using gnu's name space RXTX on my linux pc. Thanks for helping.

Now I am ready to try in on my ARM Xscale board.
But, when configuring for XSCALE 
[root at localhost arm-comm]# CFLAGS="-D__XSCALE__" ../rxtx-2.1-7pre17/configure
--host=arm-linux --target=arm-linux  --build=i686-linux  --with-staticlib --wit
h-staticbin --enable-static=yes

I get  WARNING:  Kernel include files do not match the current kernel

I ignored it (i dont know if it was right decision) and proceeded for make:

Make terminated with following error

1-7pre17/src/UnsupportedCommOperationException.java /home/arcom/arm-comm/../rxtx
-2.1-7pre17/src/UnSupportedLoggerException.java /home/arcom/arm-comm/../rxtx-2.1
Failed to create 'arm-unknown-linux-gnu/gnu_io_CommPortIdentifier.h'.
make: *** [/home/armcom/arm-comm/gnu/io/CommDriver.class] Error 1

Does anybody have any clues?


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