[kaffe] Kaffe as Installed JRE in Eclipse

Arnaud Vandyck arnaud.vandyck at ulg.ac.be
Wed Jun 23 15:10:18 PDT 2004

Arnaud Vandyck <arnaud.vandyck at ulg.ac.be> writes:

> Michael Franz <m.franz at verizon.net> writes:
>> It is not running.  The build finishes, but it is not complete, about 30
>> MB short.  The nice thing with eclipse, is that you can build for a
>> different platform.  Than means, you can cross-compile from linux to get
>> a ppc version running.   Now that I say that, I might give it another
>> try.  I was trying to compile it on Linux/ppc using kaffe and it was
>> incomplete.  After that, you will need the native stuff for SWT.
> I've been able to finally built eclipse with IBM JDK but had to modify a
> lot of build.xml (and buildDoc.xml). I don't know if it's ant in debian
> that is broken or if it's IBM JDK that has serious bugs (javadoc, and
> other stuff) on powerpc but it was not that easy.
> I already built native swt stuff, but I don't have a launcher: the
> 'eclipse' native application.
> I'll investigate that today...

I could create a native launcher but the eclipse I built was not good. I
downloaded the linux-x86-gtk build and replaced the libswt-*.so and the
launcher and it boots! but I got problems with some panels and the
editor is not functionnal:


Arnaud Vandyck

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