[kaffe] kaffe now builds on Debian-sparc

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Jun 29 07:11:31 PDT 2004

Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.php?&pkg=kaffe&ver=2%3A1.1.4.PRE1.1.5-6&arch=sparc&stamp=1088474491&file=log&as=raw

Great! I've just fixed alpha-linux in the CVS head, too. I've also fixed 
the build on arm-softfloat-linux-gnu (aka xscale :) yesterday, but I 
guess that doesn't matter for debian much, as I doubt you'll be using 
xscales as buildds.

The remaining FTBFS on arm is a problem in jikes, gadek filed a bug 
report on it in the jikes bugtracker, since SableVM is hit by the same 
bug. The FTBFS on mips looks like something is broken in the jit code. 
I'll build me a mips-linux cross-compiler toolchain later to look into 
it. [1]

dalibor topic

[1] I'm getting the hang of cross-compiling kaffe, it's fun.

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