[kaffe] Debian buildd results

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Mon Mar 1 07:54:02 PST 2004

Salut Arnaud,

Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here is a list of url where you can find the logs of the Debian
> buildd. It seems kaffe 1.1.4 only build on x86 and powerpc at the
> moment. Maybe these logs will help you to debug and improve.

They look very useful to me, thanks a lot for posting them. I hope to 
fix most of the warnings this week. Would it be possible to create an 
experimental kaffe package and run it through buildd afterwards?

> I'd like to know if you have plan for the ports? If it's gonna be
> resolved soon, I don't do anything. If not, I can ask to remove kaffe on
> these architectures at the moment.

My plan is to fix the warnings pointed out by the compiler, and then 
attempt to debug the failures, given access to the platforms.

> Do you think 1.1.5 or 1.1.6 will be able to build on these arch?

Hopefully yes. Depending on jikes for the build would be a workaround. 
Doing what SableVM does, and splitting off the class-library as 
architecture independant would be another workaround, if we don't get it 
to work for 1.1.5/1.1.6. Though it'd feel a little bit like cheating, 
since building kaffe's class library with itself is a good stress test, 
as Riccardo's build logs show.

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