[kaffe] mipsel JIT3

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Mar 5 08:38:02 PST 2004

Hi Kevin,

Kevin D. Kissell wrote:
>>So this actually doesn't surprise me much: there appear to be bugs in
>>the way float parameters are passed (and this, like isNaN, is static,
>>so this probably limits the possibilities of what's wrong).
> In the period before kaffe 1.1.0, I identified a FP parameter passing
> problems in JIT3 for MIPS and fixed them in a couple of different
> ways, to the point where the TestNative regression test finally passed,
> and looking at my archives, as I posted to the mailing list last May,
> someone had checked in one of the effective fixes into kaffe.org.
> However, in looking at the CVSweb, it looks as if that fix never
> made it into the 1.1.0 tree.  See my emails to the mailing list from March 
> to June 2003 (there weren't that many of them).  The minimalist fix
> was to flag f12 and f14 as Reserved and not just RFD in mips/jit.h, 
> but the other fix, which involved replacing uses of rreg_float and rreg_double
> with uses of rreg_ideal_float and rreg_ideal_double in jit3-mips.def , 
> would save a lot of useless spills.
> 1.1.0 was distinctly worse for JIT on MIPS than 1.0.7+.  With
> a few fixes to 1.0.7, I was passing most of the regression tests, and
> I could even run the embedded Caffeinemark on a MIPSel Linux platform
> and get fairly decent performance.  With 1.1.0, things went completely to hell.

Oops, sorry about that :(

I must have still been confused about using CVS properly back then. 
Could you repost the patch, so that I can check it into CVS HEAD?

dalibor topic,
taking things to hell and hopefully back ;)

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