[kaffe] good day for kaffe 1.1.4 and ofbiz 2.1

Adam Heath doogie at debian.org
Fri Mar 5 17:03:02 PST 2004

kaffe 1.1.4 can now run ofbiz 2.1.  I haven't tried a later version of ofbiz.

There are some issues, however.

Startup time under sun 1.4 is 11s.  kaffe, 15.2.

Kaffe complains about an invalid bytecode at startup, while sun doesn't.

WARNING Bad bytecode! Illegal exception table entry: start_pc=140851621 is not
lower than end_pc=140851621 in method
See Java Virtual Machine Specification 2nd Edition $4.7.3 for details.
Please report this bug to the developers of the application you're running on
A simple fix might be to use another java compiler to build the application.

Also, shutdown hooks in kaffe are not run.

Attached you will find the entity engine performance test, which is available
under webtools.
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