[kaffe] mipsel JIT3

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Sat Mar 6 01:41:02 PST 2004

> Kevin> The code generation in jit3-mips.def is going to generate all
> Kevin> sorts of broken code if you allow those values to go above 31,
> Kevin> I think.  There is no masking of the shifted values as the
> Kevin> instruction words are being created.
> I masked all the registers when generating instructions, and with the
> float registers renumbered all of the test/internal tests pass. Kaffe
> itself won't yet load, however.

Did you also flag all the MIPS argument registers as Reserved?
As we've all been saying, that's a work-around for a bug that is
elsewhere, but it's a simple and effective work-around.

            Regards, and regrets to not be able to do this myself,

            Kevin K.

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