[kaffe] now what?

Mark and Janice Juszczec juszczec at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 9 07:23:03 PST 2004

Hi folks

Well, my kaffe port to the Helio pda (mipsel, r3912 cpu) has hit a stumbling 
block and I'm a little stumped.

When trying to execute a class file, findInJar.c (I think) does a readdir() 
on some directory.  readdir() is crashing with a signal 10.

I can't figure out why ;-(

I've tried multiple versions of glibc.

No one on the linux-mips list can duplicate the problem.  I wonder if it has 
something to do with my file system being read only?

Anyway, here are the options I could come up with:

1.  Contact the glibc developers and ask them some specific questions.  
Unfortunately, the most appropriate mechanism they have (per their website) 
is their bug tracker.  If at all possible, I'd like to talk to someone with 
knowledge of glibc.  Does anyone know how to get ahold of those guys?
2.  Scrap glibc for uClibc.  Will kaffe compile/run with uClibc?
3.  Figure out how Pocketlinux did this.  Can someone tell me how to get to 
the Pocketlinux source out of CVS?
4.  Hack kaffe.  I really don't want to do this.
5.  Scrap kaffe.  Don't worry, after this many years option number 4 is much 
much more appealing.

Does anyone have any other ideas?


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