[kaffe] PATCH: consistently separate jitter and backend register ID

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Tue Mar 9 08:23:03 PST 2004

> Hi.


> Working on the MIPS JIT3 I have made some small changes to the
> architechture-independent register code for JIT3 that at least allow
> the MIPS JIT to pass all the tests in test/internal. To summarize,
> slotRegister now returns the `jitter ID' of the assigned register (the
> index into the reginfo array), instead of the `backend ID'. All code
> that depends on the former is unchanged, and all code that depends on
> the latter now uses a new macro, `slotRegisterRegister', that is
> equivalent to slotRegister, but returns the backend ID.

Okie, I'll take a look at this and check it in tonight/tomorrow morning.

> Cheers,
> - -- 
> Casey Marshall || rsdio at metastatic.org



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