[kaffe] More mipsel jit3

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Tue Mar 9 15:15:03 PST 2004

> Casey> The good news: mipsel jit3 can load and run `hello world'. I
> Casey> don't know how usable it is `for real', but will report on that
> Casey> later.
> No luck yet. Now we fail with this:
> - -> kaffe-bin: /home/casey/src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/jit3/machine.c:232:
> - -> translate: Assertion `reinvoke == false' failed.
> Looking in machine.c this looks like either a concurrency issue, or a
> bad call in the mips jitter that reenters this method. Or does this
> mean something else?

Been awhile, but I think it means there was a segfault while jitting a

> Casey Marshall || rsdio at metastatic.org


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