[kaffe] Undefined definitions in jit and jit3 for 68k

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Thu Mar 11 11:08:02 PST 2004


today I started another test: try to compile kaffe on linux/m68k (debian). 
Maybe if there is progress Arnaud and Ean could be interested.

Currently, the build fails with an internal gcc error inside verify., 
but nevertheless it made a lot of warings appear that can and should be 

There are a lot of warnings of the type "#undef <symbol> <value>" that 
probably happened when undefinig a define.
A suggestion that could preserve the value but eliminate build log 
pollution could be to "//" the value.

This applies to jit-* since that is what gets used on linux. I checked 
jit3 and at least for the symbols I checked, the same symbols are 
undefined in the same manner (probaly my gcc 2.95 on NetBSD is less 
pedantic than gcc 3.3.3)

Any suggestions?


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