[kaffe] Re: [Java-gnome-developer] Java-Gnome: jni or cni

Momchil Velikov velco at fadata.bg
Fri Mar 12 02:23:39 PST 2004

>>>>> "Elias" == Elias Martenson <elias-m at algonet.se> writes:

Elias> fre 2004-03-12 klockan 03.07 skrev Tom Tromey:

>> Second, for me at least, the primary consideration isn't the features,
>> the performance, or any facet of the implementation (including even
>> AOT compilation if it comes to that).  The primary thing is freedom.
>> Based on what you say, it sounds like we have different priorities
>> here.

Elias> Not at all. Unless we define freedom differently. :-)  My focus is
Elias> "freedom of choice". I want to be able to choose the Sun JVM, at least
Elias> at the current point in time. Other people (esp. the PDA people) wants
Elias> to choose GCJ.

  How about asking Sun to support CNI then ? Because it's they who
limit your "freedoom of choice", by supporting only one (the
technically inferior, AIUI) interface.


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