[kaffe] PATCH: CodeSource

Casey Marshall rsdio at metastatic.org
Fri Mar 12 11:30:02 PST 2004

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>>>>> "Dalibor" == Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org> writes:

>> Hi.  The attached patch fixes a number of problems with
>> java.security.CodeSource when either the location or certificates
>> field is null. Some basic tests with my PolicyFile reader work with
>> this patch.

Dalibor> Thanks a lot for the patch, I've checked it in. Sorry for the
Dalibor> long delay. :(

Dalibor> On a side note, I'm considering starting to replace kaffe's
Dalibor> java.security with GNU Classpath's, so that such patches can
Dalibor> benefit more runtimes in the future. What do you think?

I *think* that there are a couple of different bugs in Classpath's
CodeSource, since I couldn't get policies to work with that version.

But I'm almost always in favor of using Classpath's code instead; it's
some of the prettiest Java code I've ever seen, and I think it's
closer to the 1.4 spec than Kaffe's.

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