[Java-gnome-developer] Re: [Sablevm-developer] Re: [kaffe] Ja va-Gnome: jni or cni

Archie Cobbs archie at dellroad.org
Mon Mar 15 07:04:01 PST 2004

Jeffrey Morgan wrote:
> > Actually, I reckon that the same argument applies to java-gnome in
> > general.  Anyone who uses the java-gnome libraries in a GUI-based Java
> > application is risking tying that application into GNOME.  By 
> > contrast,
> > if they use Swing or SWT, they can easily port the 
> > application across a
> > wide range of supported platforms.
> But this is the point of the whole project.  Our goal is to target
> gnome and gtk environments.  java-gnome is for writing applications
> that target the gnome desktop environment.  As a result, we have
> many classes that are designed to provide the developer the type
> of integration that they would expect on a platform if they were
> using c or c++.

If you choose CNI, then please change the name of your project
(as suggested by someone else) to "gcj-gnome" from "java-gnome"
to avoid confusion.


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