[kaffe] debugging JITted methods

kaffe at jbbrown9.mailshell.com kaffe at jbbrown9.mailshell.com
Mon Mar 15 17:34:02 PST 2004

Dalibor Topic wrote:

> See the xdebugging support (FAQ.xdebugging) for a way to generate 
> debugging information in jitted code siutable for gdb.
> You can take a look at the emitted code from the jitter by configuring 
> and building kaffe with --enable-debug and using kaffe -vmdebug JIT to 
> run your classes.

I had tried a bit of this before, but it seems that I finally got the 
right combination of things. Good grief, 60,000 lines of asm for hello 

>> I expect implementing the new code could be done really cleanly (and 
>> quickly) by someone who really understands how the JIT is 
>> implemented. I'm just having a tough time figuring that out.
> See FAQ.jit3 for a nice overview of how jit3 works.

It's my understanding that there is no JIT3 for Alpha. Is that the case? 
I definately need to stick with Alpha at this point. I found a pretty 
good summary of the JIT process, though, which helped clear things up some.

> Out of curiosity: There is an alpha simulator for intel macines? Is it 
> free software?

I am using SSMT

It is based on Simplescalar

I am using SSMT because I need its multithreading ability. As far as I 
know, you can set up simplescalar on an x86-linux machine to emulate an 
alpha-linux machine without too much difficulty (although I haven't done 
it myself). I actually have an Alpha box. It's what I use to compile. I 
tried getting cross-compilation to work, but could never make a working 
x86->alpha-osf compiler.

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