[kaffe] Imcomplete GTK+ AWT patch

jserv at linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw jserv at linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw
Tue Mar 16 08:00:04 PST 2004

Hi all developers,

  Recently, I attempted to port the GTK+-1.2-based AWT implementation
shipped with PocketLinux to current Kaffe release (1.1.4), and it seems
to be possible to come true. I did the GTK+ AWT patch, but it couldn't
work well. After some hard struggling, I decided to suspend its
progress, and seek for somebody's interest to go on the work.

  The patch is attached in this mail, and I do hope somebody might take
it as base to bring GTK-based AWT to Kaffe before GNU Classpath
successfully merged.

Jim Huang

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