[kaffe] CVS kaffe (guilhem): java.text updates + small fixes

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem.lavaux at free.fr
Sun Mar 21 04:43:01 PST 2004

Hi !

>         * libraries/javalib/gnu/java/text/FormatCharacterIterator.java,
>         libraries/javalib/java/text/FormatCharacterIterator.java: Moved into
>         a private package.
>         * libraries/javalib/gnu/java/text/FormatBuffer.java,
>         libraries/javalib/gnu/java/text/AttributedFormatBuffer.java,
>         libraries/javalib/gnu/java/text/StringFormatBuffer.java:
>         New private classes to handle attributed buffers before going into
>         character iterators.

I've tried to put everything in only one set of classes but it was 
difficult to merge those different concepts without introducing some 
redundant code lines (hopefully there are not so numerous).

>         * libraries/javalib/java/text/MessageFormat.java,
>         libraries/javalib/java/text/DecimalFormat.java,
>         libraries/javalib/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.java,
>         libraries/javalib/java/text/Format.java:
>         Upgraded. A big step towards complete implementation of attributes and
>         field positions.

DecimalFormat includes also some important fixes concerning exponential 

>         * libraries/javalib/java/io/File.java:
>         Removed an extra 'return;'.
>         * libraries/javalib/gnu/java/locale/LocaleInformation_en.java:
>         Fixed a collation rule. Anyway they are still largely incomplete.

I haven't yet had time to dig into these collation rules. If we only had 
the complete collation rules for 'en' it should already be great (and 
would fix a great number of failures in mauve).


P.S.: DateFormatTest seems to have "fixed" itself ;). It seems there is 
a miscomputation somewhere.

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