[kaffe] Jikes RVM is now fully free software

Steven Augart augart at watson.ibm.com
Sun Mar 21 13:08:02 PST 2004

Jikes RVM, which formerly required a proprietary (Sun) JVM to write
out the boot image, no longer needs that proprietary VM.  You can now
use Kaffe to write out the Jikes RVM boot image.  Those who want to
use only free software tools can now build and work with Jikes RVM.

That code is now in the CVS head.  You can read about how to use it by
starting at

I am very interested in feedback from the community on this, as well
as bug fixes and patches.  Please CC me directly on any comments you
send to the Jikes RVM mailing lists for the next couple of days, as
oss.software.ibm.com is still recovering from hardware trouble.

I want to thank Dalibor Topic for his quick responses to my questions
about Kaffe, and Grzegorz Prokopski and Mark Wielaard for their moral
support, encouragement, and perspective.

--Steve Augart

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