[kaffe] DynamicJava works on Kaffe except its GUI

jserv at linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw jserv at linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw
Sun Mar 21 19:45:03 PST 2004

Hi all,

  I mentioned that the status of Kaffe's [Compatibility - Application 
Ttesting] shows DynamicJava [1] untested. So I did a try of DynamicJava
on KaffeVM, and I found it works well except its GUI.

  DynamicJava works like the following messages:

jserv at venux:~/dj$ /opt/bin/kaffe -jar djava.jar
Reading from standard input
1 + 2;

=> 3

  Also, I managed to get its GUI work under KaffeVM, anbut it failed.
Only with GNU Classpath's AWT/Swing might let it work, which I work on
merging GNU Classpath's AWT/Swing implementation recently although I
encountered some problem of GTK+'s event loop and threading model.

Jim Huang

[1] http://koala.ilog.fr/djava/

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