[kaffe] Cross-compile for Motorola ColdFire.

Hwang hwangc at ozemail.com.au
Sat May 1 01:14:01 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I am attempting to cross compile Kaffe 1.1.4 to a SenTec COBRA5272 board 
running uCLinux on Motorola MCF5272 ColdFire microprocessor.

I have read the cross-compiling FAQ and messages on the mailing-list 
regarding porting Kaffe to ARM/uCLinux.

A number of questions:

(1) What are the acceptable values for CFLAGS, HOST and BUILD?  How can 
I find out?

(2) I was able to compile a *native* version of Kaffe as instructed in 
the cross-compile FAQ, but when I run *configure* again to do a 
cross-compile, I get this error message:

checking for kaffeh... no
configure: error: please set KAFFEH to the full pathname of a locally 
executable kaffeh

I have specified the appropriate values for CC, NM, AR and KAFFEH.  For 
KAFFEH, it is pointed to <kaffe-native-dir>/bin/kaffeh

Finally, any hints for cross-compile to uCLinux ColdFire?


Hon Hwang.

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