[kaffe] mklinux regression failures

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Wed May 5 17:16:02 PDT 2004


I compiled kaffe on mklinux using a precompiled jar (taken from NetBSD/
ppc) since INTRP is too slow to compile it natively.

Failedregressions are:
ExceptionInInitializerTest.fail  NetworkInterfaceTest.fail
FieldErrors.fail                 ProcessClassLockTest.fail
FileTest.fail                    SoTimeout.fail
InternHog.fail                   TestSerializable2.fail
KaffeVerifyBug.fail              WaitTest.fail

I interrupted tests because... they took to long and I wanted to go to 
bed. However some of these are intersting: they are boken on other 
platforms too, like TestSerializable2.fail. Some not, like 


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