[kaffe] Build error while porting to ARM-LINUX

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Sat May 15 05:38:02 PDT 2004

Hi Heejune,

Heejune AHN wrote:
> Hi, kaffe developer,
> I am porting Kaffe on Xscale (ARM) based Linux board.
> I had problems, one for graphic libraries, and the other for floating point operation in ARM
> Here I ask help only for the "float-point" issue. 
> I managed to set up, software floating point enable toolchain.
> This is the version log for my arm-linux-gcc tool:
> [root at heejune kaffevm]# arm-linux-gcc -v
>>Reading specs from /usr/local/arm-linux/lib/gcc-lib/arm-linux/3.2.1/specs
>>Configured with: ./configure --target=arm-linux --prefix=/usr/local/arm-linux --with-headers=/cross/src/cotulla/include --disable-shared --disable-threads --enable-languages=c --with-cpu=xscale --with-inhibit-libc --with-newlib --without-fp : (reconfigured) ./configure --target=arm-linux --prefix=/usr/local/arm-linux --with-headers=/cross/src/cotulla/include --disable-shared --disable-threads --enable-languages=c --with-cpu=xscale --with-inhibit-libc --with-newlib --without-fp : (reconfigured) ./configure --target=arm-linux --prefix=/usr/local/arm-linux
>>--with-headers=/cross/src/cotulla/include --enable-languages=c,c++ --with-cpu=xscale --without-fp
>>Thread model: posix
>>gcc version 3.2.1

Let me quote Russel King, the Linux ARM kernel developer:

"We should've looked at this earlier.  gcc 3.2.* is buggy, please don't
use it.

The only gcc 3 versions which appear to work correctly on ARM is the
gcc 3.3 branch.  Please throw away any earlier gcc 3 compiler."

as this is an often occuring question, could you give a more up to date
version of gcc (3.3.x, 3.4.0) a try and report back if that solves the

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