[kaffe] Projects/sub-projects dependancies... Thoughts

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem.lavaux at free.fr
Sat May 15 09:36:03 PDT 2004

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Yes. I'd prefer to see the core library split further into a few smaller 
> libraries, defined by functionality they expose:
> kaffe/corejar : jar and zipfile handling
> kaffe/verifier : the verifier should be easy to split off, and contains 
> a few files in its own.
> and presumably others along the same lines. We can get there by looking 
> at what core files are shared between kaffeh and kaffevm and trying to 
> separate them into functional libraries. I'd welcome patches in that 
> direction. I believe that Guilhem was doing some work to separate the 
> different engines more clearly, for example.

I have still some #define around in one of my local trees for kaffe but 
I may check it in because it should be stable (basically I had to rename 
and a few symbols). There will be a slight performance loss for JIT 
though: currently the JIT is putting the pointers to translated methods 
directly in the vtable. To be compatible with intrp and other way of 
handling methods we must put a pointer to Method. This has the 
consequence to have to dereference it and get the appropriate field 
(always the same) in the structure. So basically it is around 3 
instructions more by function call. Once all defines has been removed I 
think we should try to build a common engine interface where the core is 
totally ignorant of how is built the engine and reciprocally. This will 
be a great step towards modularity. :)



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