[kaffe] JARPATH implementation

pancake pancake at phreaker.net
Fri May 21 07:41:02 PDT 2004

I was thinking about how to implement a simple way to add a lot of jar files
without the fucking hard way of manual handling, and my idea looks like this
simple script.

JARPATH=`echo $JARPATH | awk '{ gsub(/:/," "); print $0}'`

for A in $JARPATH ; do
	for B in `ls $A/*.jar 2> /dev/null` ; do


Well the main idea of JARPATH environment is something like CLASSPATH environ
but instead pointing to JAR files, pointing to the dirs containing these files,
like LD_LIBRARY_PATH does.

It's very useful, and would be nice to patch 'bin/kaffe' script-wrapper to
allow this feature.

What do you think?

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