[kaffe] Cross compilation on MacOS X - need a little help

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri May 21 10:18:03 PDT 2004

Hi Tim,

Timothy Stack wrote:
>>>This continues several times for other make directories.
>>>Otherwise, the native and the cross-compilation runs without further  
>>>When I try to execute any .jar file, I get the same error messages.
>>Hm. I think that's a problem with the current compile_time tests. Tim, 
>>would it be possible to change the all: target in 
>>compile_time/Makefile.am to depend on nothing, and make the check-am: 
>>target depend on  CompileScript $(CLASS_FILES) ? That would solve this 
>>cross-compilation problem, I believe, but I'm not sure whether it would 
>>break the tests.
> I think that will work, since the dependencies on the directory are only 
> when a 'make check' is done.  I suppose you could just try it and find 
> out...

thanks for the 'green light'! I'll test it and check it in, if it works 
as expected.

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