[kaffe] JARPATH implementation

pancake sergipop at mx3.redestb.es
Sat May 22 10:53:16 PDT 2004

> I don't doubt it's useful. I'm just afraid that as 
> /usr/pkg/share/classpath and /usr/pkg/lib/java fills up with jars you'd 
> end up with a twisting maze of little packages, all the same. Is there 
> some particular application that forces you to work around with JARPATH?

nope, it's my own invention. JARPATH is an user-defined environment, the JARPATH definition in my script was just an example.

> Unfortunately, some projects use CVS snapshot JARs  of other projects in 
> their releases, some projects break binary compatiblity in their JAR 
> releases, and so on. So if you undiscriminately put all JARS on the same 
> CLASSPATH, you can have interesting problems, to say the least.

I know. But this is the work that user must do. He can put all their jar files there and all will work ok. 

what do you think? it's just a feature, JARPATH doesn't exist, is just a simple idea to bring this capability. User must know what is doing when defining this env-var. Isn't standard. but kaffe isn't java ;) remember?

> In the long run, I'd rather propose to switch gradually to Classpath's 
> ClassLoader code, fix whatever is broken with it, and extend it to 
> support resolution of Class-Path: entries in the manifest. Then it would 
> be much easier to run applications 'the way the developers intended'.


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