[kaffe] WARNING Bad bytecode! Illegal exception table entry

Ito Kazumitsu kaz at maczuka.gcd.org
Sun May 23 15:39:02 PDT 2004


>>>>> ":" == Helmer Krämer <hkraemer at freenet.de> writes:

:> On the one hand, KJC is clever enough to detect that the
:> condition of the if will always be true, and thus removes
:> it from the bytecode. On the other hand, KJC is not clever
:> enough to detect and remove the unreachable statement "n=1"
:> from the bytecode, as javac does. This means that the end
:> pc of the exception table entry is an unreachable instruction.
:> The jitter in turn doesn't translate the exception table of
:> a method correctly when the end pc is an unreachable insn,
:> which in turn yields the message you've got.

:> And once again thanks for the nice test cases you come
:> up with.

I came up with it when I was playing with HSQLDB 1.7.2 RC6a.
HSQLDB 1.7.2 uses java.nio.channels.FileLock which is not
implemented in kaffe yet.  So I modify HSQLDB's org/hsqldb/LockFile.java
as follows:

        try {
            if (true) {    // This if (true) block is what I inserted.
                throw new Exception(
                    "java.nio.channels.FileLock not implemented");

            c  = Class.forName("org.hsqldb.NIOLockFile");
            lf = (LockFile) c.newInstance();
        } catch (Exception e) {
            lf = new LockFile();

This modification had worked fine until HSQLDB 1.7.2 RC5. But when
I tried 1.7.2 RC6a the problem occurred.  First I thought something
went wrong in HSQLDB.  But when I recompiled HSQLDB 1.7.2 RC5, the
same problem occurred.  So I came to the conclusion that something
is wrong in kjc or kaffe.

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