[kaffe] NEWS: GCJ's java-gui-branch runs on Kaffe.

jserv at linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw jserv at linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw
Tue May 25 03:47:01 PDT 2004

Hello all developers,

  I am really glad to inform you of the news that GCJ's java-gui-branch
works on KaffeVM now via the processing similar to the one driving GNU 
Classpath's AWT. The build processing was recorded in my script, and
you can use it with the following instructions:

1. fetch the tarball
  # http://jserv.sayya.org/kaffe/gui-branch-kaffe.tgz
  # tar zxvf gui-branch-kaffe.tgz
  # cd gui-branch-kaffe

2. Modify the path of JAVA_HOME according to Kaffe's
  # vi config

3. execute the "build" script
  # sh build
  (NOTE: The script will automatically perform cvs check out GCJ's
   java-gui-branch, and apply some useful patches. I recommend you to
   take a look at the script.)

4. run the AWT demo program shipped with Kaffe
  # cd src/clib
  # ./run.sh

That's all, and you will see what GCJ's java-gui-branch looks like.
However, the Swing implementation from java-gui-branch failed to get
compiled with Kaffe, but I didn't handle with them, so that there is
much room for improvement.

You will figure out the difference the AWT implementations between GNU 
Classpath's and GCJ's java-gui-branch by the following screenshots:

    GNU Classpath's AWT running on Kaffe

    GCJ's java-gui-branch running on Kaffe

The later gains many improvements about font rendering issues, which is
is useful to multibyte-width character language like Chinese.

Jim Huang <jserv AT kaffe.org>

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