[kaffe] kaffe-cvs works on freebsd5.2!!

pancake pancake at phreaker.net
Wed May 26 16:21:02 PDT 2004

I'm happy to inform that kaffe-cvs works on freebsd5.2.

The 1.1.4 version doesn't, and cvs version doesn't builds on freebsd because of some missing #include <sys/types.h> .

Now I have kaffe-cvs working on my freebsd5.2 box, without problems(tm):

#~/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe> time kaffe pop
Hello FreeBSD!

real    0m0.153s
user    0m0.149s
sys     0m0.002s
#~/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe> uname -a
FreeBSD porticoluna 5.2-RC2 FreeBSD 5.2-RC2 #11: Fri Jan  9 17:10:40 CET 2004     foo at porticoluna:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/KERN_PLUNA  i386

If I have some free time this night I will send some patches to solve that.

GoGoGo!!! :)

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