[kaffe] KAffe JVM support

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon May 31 09:20:03 PDT 2004

yau meileng wrote:
> I would like to enquire is Kaffe support on WindowsXP
> and RedHatLinux 9?

Hi Meileng,

there is a kaffe port to Windows using Cygwin in the CVS, but it doesn't 
work perfectly yet (on my win98 box, I don't have XP :), and we'd 
welcome help in that area. There is also a kaffe port using mingw, that 
runs natively on windows, but it needs a volunteer to merge it back into 
the Kaffe.org source tree. That would be highly appreciated, as well. 
Finally, there is a third port of Kaffe for win32/nt/ce, that also 
hasn't been merged into the main tree yet. Again, a volunteer for that 
task would be very welcome.

In general, Linux on ix86 should work (though there seem to be some 
problems with some distributions that Guilhem Lavaux is looking at fixing).

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