[kaffe] Re:Re:need detailed steps to configure kaffe 1.1.4 --with-awt=qt for pxa255

谢文学 xie248 at mail.biti.edu.cn
Mon May 31 22:22:02 PDT 2004

Hello Dalibor,
  Thanks for responsing.I will keep on trying.
>There is apparently a nasty problem with kaffe on xscale: the assembler 
>code in config/arm directory uses some instructions for doubles and 
>floats that aren't available on xscale, afaik.
  But can it be possible to make kaffe to run on xscale?I had seen someone
announced that he did make the boll rolling.
>Ah, okay. See http://www.kaffe.org/doc/kaffe/FAQ.cross-compiling . You 
>need to have kaffe build and installed on the build platform, in order 
>to use the local kaffeh.
   yes, i had tried this routine once some time ago.I will retry it again.
   yes, I had built a kaffe running well on my PC.
>I'll put up a snapshot of CVS tomorrow, and send you a link. I'm just 
>running late for a bis right now :(

>i hope this helps a little,
 Really thanks for that.You and the kaffe group have been making a great thing on
the world! 


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