[kaffe] Why does Kaffe's register allocator spill slots in the

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Wed Nov 3 08:31:24 PST 2004

> I'm optimizing the register allocation mechod in kaffe.
> I find that the current register allocator spills "dirty" slots in the exit
> of each basic block by calling function endBlock(). Why?

You might want to scan through the old mail archive when the jitter was 
under development, you can probably find some insights there...

Anyways, its been awhile since i've looked at this code, but I think one
reason is related to exception handling.  Basically, you need to make sure
that any exception handling and subsequent code in the method will have
the proper register state.  Spilling the registers constantly is one way
to do that.  Of course, I might be thinking of something else and this is
just wrong...

> Thanks.


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