[kaffe] threading subsystem stress test

Noa Resare noa at resare.com
Fri Nov 5 16:05:48 PST 2004

When I have tried to debug the pthreads threading implementation I have
used the following shell "one-liner" as a stress test:

while true
	echo "CUR_TIME"; 
	/path/to/kaffe/kaffe ThreadState || break; 
	sleep 0.1; 

0) ThreadState is fetched from test/regression/ThreadState.java in kaffe
cvs. Be sure to get the changes I checked in a few minutes ago.

1) CUR_TIME is the time when the testing started. That way, when a
problem is encountered I can find out how long it took by subtracting
CUR_TIME from the output of date.

2) the sleep statement is not necessary, I just added it so that the
load of the test sever wouldn't be so noticeable for the other users of
the system. If your sleep doesn't support decimal arguments, sleep 1
will work just as well (but any problems will take longer to show up).


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