[kaffe] zero regressions!

Noa Resare noa at resare.com
Sun Nov 7 11:13:21 PST 2004

Hello friends

I have been longing to send this message for a while now. When I started
to contribute to the kaffe project two months ago this was one of my
first goals, and it has been very interesting and rewarding to do this.

Enough with the idle talk. My mauve test suite shows up zero regressions
between my kaffe cvs HEAD tree and 1.1.4 on my Fedora Core 3 test 3
system. The following patches needs to be accepted by classpath and
merged into kaffe before vanilla CVS kaffe has reached the zero
regressions goal:



http://resare.com/noa/slask/classpath-polygon.patch (message sent to
classpath-patches, it should show up in a few hours)

The following committed classpath fix needs to be integrated into kaffe:


The mauve version used is from head cvs. I have excluded the
java.lang.Thread.stop tests (because it is a deprecated method that
throws an exception telling us that nowdays) and
java.util.logging.Handler which kills kaffe-1.1.4 for some reason.

I also use the following patch to kaffe-1.1.4 to make it start on my


The tool I use for comparing test results is my testdiff tool, available
from http://resare.com/noa/testdiff/

I attach the full test report that indicates the tests with improvements
over 1.1.4 (242st!). The reporting is far from perfect but I think it is
interesting nevertheless. The rather cryptic "java.lang.Error: uncaught
exception at  (in uncaught exception at )" usually means that the test
threw NoSuchMethodError.

that's all for now. I'm happy.

nuclear cia fbi spy password code president bomb
F3C4 AC90 B885 FE15 344B  4D05 220B 7662 A190 6F09
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