[kaffe] Trouble when build kaffe for SH4

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Tue Nov 9 03:08:19 PST 2004

kanamori at fox.omron.co.jp wrote:
>I tried to build kaffe-1.1.4(downloaded "tar.gz" from toppage) 
>for SH4 CPU board(Not Solution Engine).


>Could anyone give me a suggestion ?

It's interesting (sorry)...

I've not touched SH3 port for long time, but I am sure that 1.1.4 can not
be compiled. What mod makes it to be compiled.

And after 15/5/2003, some execution may fail because of too many converter
aliases. (That's not the bug of kaffe/io/ConverterAliases.java, but the
bug of VM, of course)

These are the issues what shall be fixed before using JacORB etc.


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