[kaffe] Re: KJC failure ? kaffe ?

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Wed Nov 17 07:56:07 PST 2004

In <200411171133.09976.gustavo at compunauta.com> Gustavo Guillermo Perez  
> El Martes 16 Noviembre 2004 23:25, Riccardo escribi=F3:
>> Hey,
>> building on darwin5, jthreads, intrp. After hours of compilations I 
>> get:
> You have enough RAM?, see dmesg, may be the kernel (OOM Killer, Out of 
> Memo= ry=20 Killer) has killed something, in my case I need more than 
> 256MB of availabl= e=20 RAM (392 or more).

well, intrp+jthreads on on PPC is slow, very. And the class library is 
big now... I have 192MB of ram + swap so it should be enough. I unset 
all process limitations before building. Besides I got a similar problem 
on a box with 448MB of ram too, IIRC.


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