[kaffe] Re: Compilation failed on NetBSD1.6

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sun Nov 28 01:29:06 PST 2004

Kiyo Inaba wrote:
>>the JTHREAD version compiles but fails to link many pthread related 
> I tested it again for i386/nb-1.6.0 with jthreads, and the result
> is same, I mean can not compile replace/semaphores.c by missing include.
> The replace/repsemaphore.h and replace/semaphores.c are newly introduced
> file, and it is natural that they are not tested on many platforms. I
> think, these files are the resque for older version of Linux and not
> related to NetBSD at all.
> It's better to wait some explanation from the author of these files
> (Guildhem), I think.

The replacement files has been introduced for darwin6. I haven't really 
tested the preprocessor conditions on all platforms so the code is 
activated when it should not. I have a patch for this in my tree but I'm 
going to test it a bit further. I'll commit it this afternoon.

The quick answer is put a "#if 0" on the file if you want to compile 
kaffe atm (except on darwin6 ;) ).



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