[kaffe] Debian bugs report

Arnaud Vandyck avdyk at debian.org
Fri Oct 8 16:37:08 PDT 2004

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I'm preparing another snapshot of kaffe for Debian, so here is a list of
bugs I'd like to know if they are known or maybe resolved.

Maybe this one is my fault...

o #275269: kaffe-pthreads: -Xnative-big-math broken; no libmath.so
                           in package
,----[ http://bugs.debian.org/275269 ]
| -Xnative-big-math uses libgmp to provide a faster BigInteger class. This
| package, although it has the libmath.la and libmath.a libraries, is
| missing libmath.so, which it attempts to load to interface to libgmp
| (observed via strace).
| Pointing kaffe at a libmath.so from a fresh CVS build via
| LD_LIBRARY_PATH solves the problem; suggest that problem may be either:
| 	* kaffe package build libmath.a instead of libmath.so, or
| 	* packaging omits libmath.so from directory for some reason

o #264247: libxp-java: FTBFS: javac compile error
,----[ http://bugs.debian.org/264247 ]
| xp (libxp-java) can't be built by kjc but it's ok with jikes and Sun's

o #272105: kaffe: GZIPOutputStream doesn't work
,----[ http://bugs.debian.org/272105 ]
| Code that uses java.util.zip.GZIPOutputStream fails with the following
| and similar exceptions when writing to it:
| java.lang.NullPointerException
|    at java.util.zip.GZIPOutputStream.write (GZIPOutputStream.java:117)
|    at java.io.FilterOutputStream.write (FilterOutputStream.java:126)
|    at gnu.java.io.encode.KaffeEncoder.write (KaffeEncoder.java:132)
|    at java.io.Writer.write (Writer.java:185)
|    at java.io.OutputStreamWriter.write (OutputStreamWriter.java:180)
|    at java.io.PrintWriter.write (PrintWriter.java:542)
|    at java.io.PrintWriter.write (PrintWriter.java:568)
|    at java.io.PrintWriter.print (PrintWriter.java:204)
|    at java.io.PrintWriter.println (PrintWriter.java:453)
|    at net.wuffies.japi.Japize.doJapize (Japize.java:319)
|    at net.wuffies.japi.Japize.main (Japize.java:284)

o #272104: kaffe: Incorrect representation of floats in strings
                  with german locale
,----[ http://bugs.debian.org/272104 ]
| When using german locale kaffe should floats (1.0, 2.7, 0.5, etc.) print
| as ("1,0", "2,7", "0,5", etc.). When the part after the dot (comma in
| german) is zero ("0") it doesnt get printed. 1.0 becomes "1," instead of
| "1,0". When this part is non-zero all works fine. This bug does not
| happen with default/english locale.

The next one, I did reproduce it. I think the problem is in kaffe
running the Struts framework. I've been able to run tomcat4 with kaffe
(I needed to replace xerces/xalan with gnujaxp), but when running a
struts webapp, everything crashes...

o #270709: NullPointerException in
,----[ http://bugs.debian.org/270709 ]
| Today, I did
|  (i) install kaffe 2:1.1.4.PRE1.1.5-11 (+ depends)
|  (ii) install tomcat4{,-admin} 4.1.30-6 (+ depends)
|  (iii) create a user with roles 'admin' and 'manager' as indicated on
|        http://localhost:8180/
|  (iv) enter and authenticate with http://localhost:8180/manager/html
| Of course, might be a bug in kaffe.
| java.lang.NullPointerException
|    at gnu.java.io.encode.KaffeEncoder.convertToBytes (KaffeEncoder.java:101)
|    at gnu.java.io.encode.KaffeEncoder.write (KaffeEncoder.java:132)
|    at java.io.OutputStreamWriter.write (OutputStreamWriter.java:163)
|    at org.apache.tomcat.util.buf.WriteConvertor.write (C2BConverter.java:228)

I got another bug (#270704) about kaffe+tomcat4+struts

Thanks for your comments and help,

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Arnaud Vandyck
Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting
February 26-27 2005,
Bruxelles, Belgium
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